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6 Rental Friendly Decorating Ideas

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Who else has had that super strict Landlord that freaks out over everything even though the apartment is rundown? I think we’ve all lived in that crappy apartment that is super ugly. Just because you are living in a crappy rental, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it beautiful! Sometimes you just have to get a little creative! So, I have compiled 5 rental friendly decorating ideas that won’t break the bank!

1 | Removable Wallpaper or Contact Paper

Rental Decorating Ideas - Urban walls
Photo Credit:  Urban Walls

Removable wallpaper is a great solution for ugly walls. They can add a touch of your personality without damaging anything! Especially when your landlord won’t let you paint your walls. Removable wallpaper comes in a variety of different price ranges so you can pick one that will work with your style and budget! Lately, I’ve been loving Urban Walls for gorgeous walls!

Contact Paper is a great way to hide an ugly surface like dingy countertops or stained shelving. Like removable wallpaper, it is an easy temporary solution! You can even find contact paper at your local dollar store!

2 | Rugs

Rugs also come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. They can cover up any ugly floor or just add some personality to a room. Either way, a new rug is always a rental friendly decorating option. I have found some of my big area rugs for under $30 at estate sales! The rug in my living room is an 11×16 rug that I bought for only $25!  It was hardly used and I got if for a fraction of the price of a brand new rug!  You can also find great priced rugs at Ikea and Amazon!

3 | Command Strips and Hooks

Photo Credit: 3M Products

These come in SUPER handy! I’ve had apartments where we weren’t allowed to put any nails in the walls. Command Strips are a great workaround when you can’t put any holes in the walls! They come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. I have an entire gallery wall hung with command strips! I have even hung curtain rods with Command Hooks!

4 | Change out Cabinet Hardware

You can swap that old ugly hardware for something fun and new! Just hang onto the old hardware and reinstall it when you move out. I just place the old hardware in a plastic bag and tape it inside the back of the cupboard it came from so they don’t get lost. Make sure to look for hardware that will fit the original hardware holes so that you aren’t making new holes in the cabinets! Home Depot has a HUGE selection here!

If your cabinets don’t have any hardware, you can add some using command strips to avoid adding holes.  Just cut the strips to fit the base of the knob or hardware!

5 | Washi Tape

McKenna Bleu - Rental Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit:  McKenna Bleu

Washi tape is an easy way to customize walls, doors, or any other surface! It comes in every color imaginable to match any style!  Even better?  You can pick up washi tape for cheap!  

This fun and simple accent wall was made with washi tape by McKenna Bleu! You can see more pictures of the office she decorated with washi tape here. It is simple yet makes a HUGE statement!

6 |  Wall Decals

Rental Decorating ideas - Moose Tale
Photo Credit:  Liana of MooseTale

Wall decals have soared in popularity over the last decade or so!  They are fun and most importantly, removable.  You can have anything from names, quotes, to even a moon!

I hope you have a wonderful time decorating your rented apartment or home with these fun rental friendly ideas!

As always, I’m happy to help with any questions, comments, or concerns! You can find more decorating ideas here.

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