Welcome to Amaryllis Lane’s Frequently Asked Questions!

Why do I blog?

I love to write and have found this to be a creative outlet while sharing my hobbies, experience, and epic fails with all of you.  Why make a huge mistake on a pinstrosity when you can laugh at my screw-up?  Or learn to do something right from the beginning instead of the crazy rollercoaster I had to go through learning and teaching myself.  Or maybe just some laughs because my life is freaking ridiculous and I’ll happily share the hilarity that is my life.

Who does the photography for Amaryllis Lane?

This one is kind of a team effort.  I frequently use a remote and tripod or team up with a friend. If the photographs are taken by anyone besides myself, it is noted in the post and directly under the photo along with proper attribution and a link to their website.

What sewing machine do I use?

I use a Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine CS6000i.  It is a great starter machine!  It is a good machine for the price, especially if you are new to sewing.  It can do all the basics but does lack some of the more advanced features.  As I only learned to sew a few years ago, I have yet to upgrade to something a bit more advanced.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the form below.