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Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows

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Ok, so I was actually super skeptical that this would work, but it did! These were just some pillows I was going to get rid of anyway, so I figured why not? It’s like they are entirely different pillows now! They quickly went from totally clashing to statement pillows! Today I’m going to show y’all how I made my Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows! Not only are they super cute, but also a budget-friendly way to upcycle some old throw pillows!

Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows

Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows

You will need:

  • A Pillow You Want to Dye (preferably a lighter color)
  • ArtMinds Tie Dye Spray found at Michaels (I used Turquoise)
  • Painter’s Plastic (or something else to protect your floor)

Make sure to choose a tie-dye color darker than your original pillow so that your end result is closer to the actual tie-dye color. I started with a light sliver which took the turquoise dye really well.

Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows Tutorial

1 | Prep

Spread out some plastic or whatever else you use to protect your flooring. I just use sheets of painter’s plastic and reuse them for different projects.

2 | Spray

Shake up the bottle of tie-dye spray and hold about 12 inches away from the item you spray. The container is not like spray paint, it’s more like a spray bottle, so you will have to squirt the bottle many times. This is after just a few sprays:

I ended up going a little heavy on the dye since I had never used this stuff before. But I got the color pretty even.

The second Pillow came out a touch lighter in these photos, but once they were dry, you couldn’t tell.

Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows

I sprayed both sides of the two pillows, then let them dry for 24 hours.

3 | Display

And here is the finished product! Now the pillows go great with these cute accent chairs from amazon!

Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows

If you enjoyed this Tie Dye Sprayed Throw Pillows Tutorial, please share! As always, I’m happy to help you out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Just leave a message below!

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